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Cannabis Parfum Unisex

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Description of perfume Cannabis Unisex Sararu Pharma

Charismatic, seductive, and unforgettable - a precious wood, whose scent transports you instantly to the Far East.

  • a woody scent with leather accents
  • a unisex perfume - for men and women
  • inspired by the Far East 

The composition of the perfume

It starts with sensual geraniums and precious saffron. The heart of the perfume is dominated by agar wood and cedar, accompanied by the Bulgarian rose. The base of the perfume, which persists on the skin for the longest time, is composed of leather accents, with incense and guaiac wood.

Top notes - They develop immediately after applying the perfume. They create the first impression and tend to be quite intense, but not long lasting.

The middle notes - (or the heart of the perfume) are felt a few minutes after the top notes dissipate. The middle notes have a persistence of two to three hours.

Base notes - Last and often with the longest persistence on the skin. It lasts from 4 hours to over a day.